Hi, I am Xiang Yang. Just call me Philip if you feel easier.I came from Taiyuan, China. I enjoyed 18-years life in my hometown and miss it every moment.


In 2004, I was lucky to join Tsinghua University and accomplish my B.S. degree in Physics in 2008. Strict training on Physics and Mathematics greatly assists my following research. My dissertation is a theoretical work to develop “An Optical Approach to detect 2D spin current in GaAs system” under instruction of Prof. Bangfen Zhu and Jing Wang. Later in 2008, I went to Physics Department in University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Sunny life around La Jolla shore makes me a sunny man. I got my M.S. degree in Physics in 2009. Here I was lucky to meet Prof. Congjun Wu, who impressed me a lot and exhibited a much more beautiful physics world to me during the time I stayed in UCSD. He is my idol.


I am currently a fifth year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering in University of Pennsylvania. My advisor is Prof. I-Wei Chen.  I am involved in two unrelevent projects. One is resistive random access memory (RRAM), the other is traditional ceramics.



I am now looking for industry job on electronic materials/memory or thin film processing or VLSI design. If you have any opportunity possibly fits me, please feel free to contact me.