Why can't I login?

There are several possible problems and solutions. This page will help you sort things out. Always use your PennKey unless the instructions specifically say to use your SEAS password.

If you don't know the difference between your PennKey and SEAS account passwords, please read this Answers article first.

Try these two things first:

  1. Use your PennKey password rather than your SEAS account password. Your PennKey password should work everywhere except for mounting your S: drive on the lab computers.
  2. Restart your computer. Sometimes a quick reboot will solve the problem.

Now, if you are still having trouble, select the statement that best describes your problem:


Problem: I can't get a login prompt or screen login.
Problem: From off campus, it doesn't even ask for my password.
Solution: Your IP address may be blocked. Please email cets@seas or call 8-4707 with your IP address (visit whatismyipaddress.com).


Problem: I can't login to Webmail and/or via SSH.
Solution: Are you able to successfully login to the PennKey Test Page?


Problem: I can't login via a mail program like Thunderbird or Apple Mail.
Solution: Are you able to loging into Webmail?


Problem: I changed my SEAS password, and it still doesn't work.
Solution: It may take up to 30 minutes for your SEAS password to propagate. If it has been over 30 minutes, please email cets@seas and tell us your username.


Problem: I can't login to a CETS lab Windows machine.
Solution: You need to use your PennKey password to login initially, and then your SEAS password to mount your S: drive.


Problem: I can't login to a Linux workstation.
Solution: Are you able to loging into Webmail?

If none of the above solutions fixed your problem, please email cets@seas or call 8-4707.





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