How can I avoid having my mail blocked by spam filters?

Note: if you notice legit mail being marked as spam, please send an email to cets@seas so we can help resolve the issue.

Tips to avoid being marked spam

1. Minimize use of large fonts, colored fonts and ALL CAPS, including in your signature file. All of these raise your spam score. If possible, use plain text instead of HTML. This is a setting available in most mailers.

2. Use a specific, descriptive subject. If your subject is something like "urgent assistance needed," your mail looks like the Nigerian business opportunity scam to the filter. Do not begin the subject with "urgent" or "very urgent" and follow with one of these words: confidential, assistance, business, attention, reply, response, help.

3. Do not send attachments of the file types listed in the Answers article on Sending Prohibited Attachments. These types can be dangerous and are often blocked.

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