Why is Mailimp Sending Me a Message While I'm on Vacation?

Have you gotten a message similar to the one below while your eniac account has been set up with a vacation auto-response?

From: Error Mail Sender <mailimp@seas.upenn.edu>
Subject: mailimp auto-response
Precedence: junk

This is an automatic response regarding your mail about:
away from my mail

You have sent mail in response to an error message.  If you believe that
there is a problem regarding the error message we sent you, please send
mail to postmaster@seas.upenn.edu instead.

This message is sent to a user who has replied to an error message from the system. In this case, the message that was sent to the system was your vacation reply.

The most likely reason for this to happen is that someone sent a message to you while you were using a vacation message, and that person had a fake or non-functional Reply-to address. It is common for advertisers to use this tactic to prevent a flood of complaints to their servers.

When the advertisement arrived in the system, the Vacation program replied to that message's fake reply-to address. When an error came back to your account saying it was a mistake, the vacation program replied this time to the error message, prompting the above reply.

To make a long story short, this message is nothing to worry about, it is just a courtesy message saying that replying to system error messages doesn't actually do anything.

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