Dawn A. Bonnell

Henry Robinson Towne Professor
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

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Honors and Awards:  Fellow of the AAAS, George H. Heilmeier Award for Excellence in Faculty Research - 2006, Staudinger-Durrer Prize, Department of Materials at ETH, Zurich - 2006, President, American Vacuum Society, Governing Board, American Institute of Physics - 2004, Fellow AVS

Research Expertise: Biomaterials | Material Interfaces | Scanning Probe Microscopy

Dawn explores the fundamental basis of property variations at atomic scales in complex materials, exploiting these variations to make functional systems. The Bonnell Group images and manipulates atoms and molecules using scanning probes, and develops new tools for examining behavior at these scales. Dawn and her group induce local property variations to be used as templates in patterning complex nanostructures, such as nanoelectronic and opto electronic devices, and they analyze compound nanostructures, consisting of ferroelectric compounds, synthetic proteins, and nano dots.

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Affiliations:  Director of Nano-Bio Interface Center

PhD Materials Science & Engineering 1986 - University of Michigan
MS Engineering Materials 1984 - University of Michigan
BSE Materials Science & Engineering 1983 - University of Michigan

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