Gershon  Buchsbaum

Gershon  Buchsbaum

Professor Emeritus
Bioengineering (BE)


Honors and Awards:  Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising - 2011

Research Expertise: Neuroengineering | Imaging | Signal Processing

Gershon's research interests are in the neural architecture of the visual system with its unique and elaborate response properties in space, time and color, which provide us with all the features and richness of our visual world. The main goals of his lab's research are to understand how the visual neural architecture is matched to the image and how it samples, codes and processes the different features of the image; and to identify the attributes of natural images that are most critical for coding in the visual system. Questions his research asks are: What are the significant correlations and functional relations among the different image features? How do critical parameters such as contrast in time, space and color and local and global details affect visual image processing? How does visual processing match and adapt to dynamic changes in the image? How does the visual system extract image features such as spatial detail and color? To investigate these questions, they apply quantitative analysis and simulation methods from image processing and neural networks that are rigorously based on known anatomy and physiology and explore the design principles and strategy underlying the visual system neural architecture.

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