Jason A. Burdick

Jason A. Burdick

Robert D. Bent Professor
Bioengineering (BE)

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Honors and Awards:  Heilmeier Research Award - 2018, SFB Clemson Award - 2018, American Heart Association Established Investigator Award - 2014, Edward C. Nagy New Investigator Award - 2011, NSF CAREER Award - 2009

Research Expertise: Tissue Engineering | Bioengineered Therapeutics | Devices and Drug Delivery | Biomaterials

Jason's research interests include developing degradable polymeric biomaterials that can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and fundamental polymer studies. The platform polymer technology involves the development of multifunctional monomers that form degradable crosslinked networks via a radical polymerization or self-assembly. Specific targets of his research include: scaffolding for cartilage regeneration; controlling stem cell differentiation through material signals; electrospinning and 3D printing for scaffold fabrication; and injectable hydrogels for therapies after a heart attack.

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