Arjun Raj

Arjun Raj

Bioengineering (BE)

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Research Expertise: Cellular and Molecular Imaging | Systems and Synthetic Bioengineering | Theoretical and Computational Bioengineering

The goal of the Raj Lab is to develop a quantitative understanding of molecular underpinnings of cellular behavior and then use this knowledge to better human health. Our research combines new tools we have developed for single cell imaging with new genomic and computational methods to make highly accurate measurements of the molecular components underlying cellular function, focusing in particular on the behavior of single cells within an ensemble. Many of the measurement tools that we have developed also have applications in diagnostics for infectious disease and cancer. Also, our results also provides a quantitative basis for synthetic biology. Areas of particular interest include cancer biology, long non-coding RNA, quantitative genetics, stem cell biology with applications to cartilage regeneration and diagnostics based on ultra-rapid viral detection.

PhD New York University; BA University of California Berkeley

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