Brian Chow

Brian Chow

Associate Professor
Bioengineering (BE)

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Research Expertise: Neuroengineering; Experimental Neuroscience | Optogenetics | Bioengineered therapeutics; devices and drug delivery

The Chow Laboratory creates dynamic input/output interfaces to cells by inventing new technologies to manipulate and monitor their physiology in intact biological circuits. We construct these tools by integrating a broad range of disciplines: optogenetics & photoreceptor engineering, synthetic biology, genomics, and device engineering. Recently, we have successfully applied next-generation sequencing technology to discover many widely employed optogenetic reagents for cell type-specific perturbation of neural circuits. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance therapeutic interventions through the collaborative application of these tools to the elucidation, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease.

PhD 2008 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Chemistry 2001 - Stanford University

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