Brett Hemenway

Brett Hemenway

Research Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Science (CIS)

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Research Expertise: Coding Theory | Cryptography | Algorithms

Brett's research focuses on coding theory and cryptography, using mathematical tools to create secure and robust information systems. In coding theory, Brett has developed new locally correctable error correcting codes from expander graphs. In cryptography, Brett has new developed cryptosystems that are provable secure against chosen ciphertext attacks and selective opening attacks. In addition to developing new algorithmic tools, Brett's research focuses on transitioning algorithms into practice. One such example is Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), a cryptographic tool that allows a group of stakeholders to jointly compute a function of their private data, without revealing their private data to each other or any outside party. Brett has developed new use cases for MPC, and worked with stakeholders and cryptographers to develop customized algorithms and analyze the costs and benefits of their deployment.

Affiliations:  Adjunct Research at the RAND Corporation

PhD Mathematics 2010 - UCLA
Bachelor of Science 1999 - Brown University

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