Linh Thi Xuan Phan

Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Science (CIS)


Honors and Awards:  Dean's Graduate Research Excellence Award (NUS Singapore) - 2009

Research Expertise: Real-time | embedded systems | Cyber-physical systems | Cloud computing

Linh's interests include real-time systems, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, and cloud computing. Her research develops theoretical methods, analysis tools, and platform support for building complex systems efficiently and with provable safety and timing guarantees. She is especially interested in techniques that integrate theory, systems, and application aspects. Recently, she has been working on methods for defending cyber-physical systems against malicious attacks, as well as on real-time cloud infrastructures for safety-critical and mission-critical systems.

Member of:

PhD (Computer Science) - National University of Singapore
B.Comp.(Computer Science) - National University of Singapore

Recent Publications

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