Eric Detsi

Stephenson Term Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

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Honors and Awards:  NSF EAGER Award - 2018, Dutch Science Foundation Rubicon Award-2012, Dutch Science Foundation Mosaic Award-2008

Research Expertise: Nanostructured Materials | Surfaces & Interfaces | Metals | Energy | Physics of Materials | Electronic and Optical Properties | Chemistry of Materials | Mechanical Behavior | Electron Microscopy

Eric's primary research interests involve the novel design and synthesis of metal-based 3D nanostructured materials with enhanced properties for structural and functional applications. His approach is to apply the natural sciences, primarily physics and chemistry, to solve engineering problems. In particular, Eric exploits the crystal structure of multiphase non-precious metal alloys to engineer nanoporous materials with hierarchical porosity after selective leaching. Hierarchical porous structures are attractive as alloy-type anode materials in alkali and alkaline-earth metals batteries, because the macropores (50-1000 nm) are needed for long range electrolyte diffusion through the material, while the mesopores (2-50 nm) and micropores (< 2 nm) are needed to create high-surface area and short diffusion paths for alkali or alkaline-earth metals. More importantly, micro and mesopores are needed to accommodate the large volume changes taking place in high-capacity alloy-type battery anodes during their alloying reactions with alkali or alkaline-earth metals. Eric also takes advantage of state-of-the-art thin film deposition techniques such as plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition, combined with his expertise in top-down nanofabrication by selective leaching, to engineer novel 3D nanocomposites for critical energy applications.

Member of:

PhD Applied Physics 2012 - Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials - University of Groningen - the Netherlands
MS Applied Physics 2008 - Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials - University of Groningen - the Netherlands
BS Applied Physics/Biomedical Technology 2006 - University of Groningen - the Netherlands

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