David Crosbie

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)


He trained as Engineer at Oxford University, broaden his business skills with an MBA from Insead, worked from the jungles of Borneo to the board rooms of Wall Street and has successfully founded three venture funded technology companies (adero, Bluesocket, and Leostream). As CTO at Leostream he lead the product development efforts from initial prototype through to commercial production. He has extensive experience with the critical phases of the patent process - from initial filing all the way through appealing US patent office decisions, to successfully defending patents in Delaware Federal Court. David is an experienced practitioner of the "lean development" model, where the "minimum viable solution" is developed and tested with real customers in order to determine the viability of the company strategy and the product design. A hands on approach is the best way to learn when creating a business and he is comfortable writing software code, soldering up components, and using a lathe. David successfully "bootstrapped" Leostream and exited as it was successfully selling mission critical software to an enviable roster of Fortune 500s, Wall Street banks, and other clients. He has experience in raising capital and knows his way around the critical role of managing cash flow was well as raising multiple rounds of financing from both venture capital firms and from industry partners, including filing for a public offering, and negotiating potential sales. One underrated and underestimated function of entrepreneurship is building partnerships, David also has extensive experience in establishing and foster successful partnerships with a wide range of organizations from Fortune 100 industry players to local Value Added Resellers.

David has a MA in Engineering Science from Oxford University
and an MBA from Insead

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