Konrad Kording

Konrad Kording

Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor of Neuroscience and Bioengineering
Bioengineering (BE)
Computer and Information Science (CIS)


Research Expertise: Data science, Neuroscience, Medicine, Rehabilitation, Statistics, Machine learning, Science of science

Konrad Kording is a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Departments of Bioengineering and Neuroscience. He received his PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich and did postdoctoral training at ETH Zurich, UCL London, and MIT focusing on statistical approaches to the brain and cognition. He is using data science towards understanding the brain, medicine, and scientists themselves.

Fellow (2002-2004)
Computational Motor Control with Daniel Wolpert - Collegium Helveticum
Interdisciplinary Dialogue - Post-doctoral fellow (2001-2002)
Statistics of Natural scenes with Peter Koenig - Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich
Switzerland - PhD (2001) - Physics/Neuroscience
Federal Institute of Technology
Switzerland - Diploma (1997) Physics
University of Heidelberg
Germany - Diploma Vorpruefung (1996) - Physics

Recent Publications

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