Adam Mally

Adam Mally

Senior Lecturer
Computer and Information Science (CIS)


Honors and Awards:  Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students - 2014

Adam's primary role is to be an educator in computer graphics and computer science. He teaches the Introductory and Advanced computer graphics courses Adam received his B.S.E. in Digital Media Design and his M.S.E. in Computer Graphics and Game Technology from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2015, he has served as a lecturer at Penn, instructing undergraduate and graduate students in various computer graphics courses such as CIS 560: Interactive Computer Graphics and CIS 561: Advanced Computer Graphics. His teaching and learning interests include real-time interactive graphics, procedural content generation, and game design.

MSE in Computer Graphics and Game Technology 2014 - University of Pennsylvania BSE in Digital Media Design
2013 - University of Pennsylvania

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