Michael J. Mitchell

Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation
Bioengineering (BE)

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Honors and Awards:  Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface – 2018, STAT News Wunderkind Award - 2017, Merck Research Advances in Delivery Science Award, Controlled Release Society – 2017, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Scholar in Cancer Research – 2016, Young Investigator Council, Tissue Engineering Parts A.B.C – 2016

Research Expertise: Bioengineered Therapeutics | Devices and Drug Delivery | Biomaterials | Cellular Engineering | Molecular Engineering | Tissue Engineering | Cell Mechanics | Systems and Synthetic Bioengineering | Immunoengineering | Immunotherapy

The Mitchell Lab works at the interface of biomaterials science, drug delivery, and cellular and molecular bioengineering to fundamentally understand and therapeutically target biological barriers. The lab applies research findings and the technologies developed to a range of human health applications, including cancer metastasis, immunotherapy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and regenerative medicine. Current research projects include: synthesis of novel biomaterials and nanoparticles for the delivery of nucleic acids (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, CRISPR-Cas9) for cancer therapy; engineering of innate immune cells for immunotherapy and vaccines; investigating the influence of biomaterial chemical structure on in vivo transport to target cells and tissues using high-throughput screening platforms; and novel drug delivery technologies for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Mike has received a National Research Service Award from the NIH and a Career Award at the Scientific Interface from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, recognizing interdisciplinary researchers who are "bridging science fiction with reality."

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow Chemical Engineering 2017 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Biomedical Engineering 2014 - Cornell University
MS Biomedical Engineering 2012 – Cornell University
BE/ME Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science 2009 – Stevens Institute of Technology

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