Paul  Ducheyne

Bioengineering (BE)

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Research Expertise: Biomaterials | Orthopaedic Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering | Bioengineered Therapeutics Devices and Drug Delivery

Current work focuses on controlled release using advanced, biocompatible silica sol gel concepts. With a growing database of fundamental data in place, applications are related to the device, tissue engineering, pharmaceutics and biotechnology fields. A variety of applications is progressing towards the clinic. Studies focus on the stimulation of bone tissue repair, growth and regeneration and conjointly addressing bone tissue infection. Other programs are related to infection prophylaxis in surgical sites, including resistant infections. Breakthrough treatments for osteomyelitis, acquired percutaneous pin tract infections and MRSA treatment are also pursued.

Member of:

PhD Materials Science 1976 - KU Leuven
MSc Materials Science and Engineering 1972 - KU Leuven

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