Leonard A. Fabiano

Leonard A. Fabiano

Adjunct Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)


Honors and Awards:  Olin Chemical Commendation, 3 ARCO Technical Achievement Awards

Chemical Process Synthesis and Detailed Design: While maintaining an active and primary industrial activity, Fabiano has been an instructor-consultant for the CBE 459 senior design course at the University of Pennsylvania since 1979 and was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering August of 2000. He was selected on the basis of his sound fundamental ability and as a result of his strength in process simulation, practical applications, in-plant experiences and ability to transfer his knowledge to students. Fabiano has over 35 years of experience in the process engineering and development field and has played a key roll in the detailed design effort in existing and new technology development. He started his career as a junior process engineer and advanced stepwise to Manager of Process Engineering for the ARCO Chemical Company. His technical involvement at ARCO broadened his geographical and cultural range from Alaska, Europe to the Far East. He has lead the process engineering efforts on many chemical, petrochemical and polymer process plant designs. Many of these processes were first of a kind technologies. His specialties include detailed equipment design, application of flowsheet simulation for real plant design and optimization, distillation system synthesis, heat exchanger design and in-plant troubleshooting. His experience also includes plant start-up. He bridges the gap from theory through real applications currently for CDI Engineering Solutions. He is a "'real hands on person" in addition to an academic appointment and has spent considerable time and effort in operating plant environments.

B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University
M.E. from the Stevens Institute of Technology

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