Peter Scherer

Peter Scherer

Professor Emeritus
Bioengineering (BE)

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Research Expertise: Pulmonary Fluid Mechanics

Peter's research focuses on developing a technique to recover cardiac output and mixed venous pCO2 blood concentration non-invasively from single breath CO2 washout recorded at the mouth. The basis of this method is the matching of predictions of a single path theoretical model (SPM) to the subject's experimentally recorded CO2 washout data. This application of the SPM has greatly increased understanding of intra airway gas transport. His lab has developed 3-D finite element models of airflow in the human and rat nasal cavities to aid in understanding olfactory odorant transport and to develop diagnostic tests and therapy for olfactory dysfunction in humans. They are also using human models to simulate the effect of nasal surgery on airflow before and after surgery is performed, with the intention of developing a new numerical surgical tool. His group is experimentally measuring heat and water loss from various regions of the human respiratory tract. Measurements are performed on human subjects in an environmental chamber and compared to the predictions of a theoretical model. The study has applications in understanding the onset of airway smooth muscle contraction as occurs in an asthmatic attack and in the design of equipment to protect subjects working in extreme environments.

PhD Engineering and Applied Science 1971 - Yale University
MD 1973 - Yale University

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