Paulo E. Arratia

Paulo E. Arratia

Professor, and MEAM Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)

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Honors and Awards:  Rutgers University Distinguished Alumni Award - 2013, American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics Milton Van Dyke Award - 2011, NSF Career Award - 2010, American Physical Society Group of Nonlinear & Statistical Physics Nonlinear Images Award - 2007

Research Expertise: Biomechanics | Fluid Mechanics | Mechanics of Materials

Paulo studies the flow behavior of complex fluids such as polymeric solutions, colloidal suspensions, and human blood. One of the main objectives of his research is to understand the physical and chemical forces controlling the structural scale of complex fluids in order to engineer materials with unique properties. Paulo's research interests are very interdisciplinary with focus on Soft-Condensed Matter & Fluid Dynamics and include swimming of microorganisms, blood flow in microfluidic devices, and viscoelasticity.

Member of:
  • Nano/Bio Interface Center (NBIC)
  • Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM)
  • Affiliations:  Postdoctoral Fellowship - University of Pennsylvania 2005-2007; Postdoctoral Fellowship - Haverford College 2003-2005; Lecturer - Rutgers University 2002

    PhD Chemical & Biochemical Engineering 2003 - Rutgers University
    MS Chemical & Biochemical Engineering 2001 - Rutgers University
    BS Chemical Engineering 1997 - Hampton University

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