Eduardo D. Glandt

Eduardo D. Glandt

Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)


Honors and Awards:  Elected to the National Academy of Engineering - 1996, Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching - 1980, Victor K. LaMer Award - 1979, S. Reid Warren Award for Distinguished Teaching - 1977

Research Expertise: Surface and Colloidal Science | Transport Processes | Molecular Simulation

Eduardo's research in chemical and biomolecular engineering has foci in 3 areas. In the area of molecular simulations of gas adsorption, he applies molecular models and computer simulation techniques to investigate how the microstructure of a porous material affects its physical and chemical properties and, especially, its capacity as an adsorbent. The goal is to offer guidance in the preparation of high-capacity adsorbents. In the area of polymer adsorption, he works on statistical mechanical models to examine the adsorption of large flexible molecules from a bulk fluid into the interior of a porous solid. This research is based on PRISM, a state-of-the-art theory of polymer structure, which has been successfully used to calculate the structure of melts and blends. Recent improvements include a tractable self-consistent version applicable to a wide range of systems. In his research dealing with barriers to mass transfer in catalysts and adsorbents, Eduardo looks at the important rate separations based on the kinetics of mass transfer within materials such as zeolites and carbon molecular sieves. Current work is focused on multicomponent systems and on the modeling of industrially relevant adsorbents.

PhD Chemical Engineering 1977 - University of Pennsylvania
BS Chemical Engineering 1968 - University of Buenos Aires

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