David  J. Graves

David J. Graves

Associate Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)


Research Expertise: Biomolecular Engineering

David's research has centered on the application of chemical engineering principles to biotechnology and medically related problems. This has included separation and cell growth systems with magnetically stabilized beds, non-uniform field electrophoresis, immobilized enzyme reaction systems, artificial photosynthesis, affinity chromatography, cell adhesion to surfaces, plant cell culture systems, and most recently analysis and optimization of DNA microarray processes. Of particular interest are his examinations of several novel ways to recover such bioproducts selectively and continuously from fermentation broths or broken cell suspensions. One of the most promising techniques involves continuous adsorption in an unusual device called the magnetically stabilized fluidized bed (MSFB). The MSFB has significant advantages in productivity, simplicity, and freedom from clogging by debris over standard packed bed systems, and it can be much more efficient than fluidized systems. Although biochemical engineers have dealt successfully with bacterial and fungal cell cultures for many years, recent scientific work has shown that important products can be obtained from cultures of mammalian and plant cells. Thus, the unique engineering aspects of such delicate and complex systems are of great current interest.

ScD Chemical Engineering 1967 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SM Chemical Engineering 1965 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Chemical Engineering 1963 - Carnegie-Mellon University

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