Zachary G. Ives

Zachary G. Ives

Adani President's Distinguished Professor and Chair
Computer and Information Science (CIS)

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Honors and Awards:  Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching - 2010, NSF CAREER Award - 2006

Research Expertise: Databases | Distributed Systems

Zach's research focuses on facilitating information sharing in today's Web and wireless worlds. He and his group are developing techniques for connecting different databases and applications together to them, regardless of possible variations and inconsistencies in terminologies or formats. They are also working on higher-level ways of programming large suites of heterogeneous sensor devices, and methods for automatically adapting these programs to target networks and devices. Zach's ultimate goal is to connect users or their applications with the data and in the format they need.

Affiliations:  Undergraduate Curriculum Chair - Market and Social Systems Engineering (MKSE), Associated Faculty, Penn Center for Bioinformatics

PhD - University of Washington
BS - Sonoma State University

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