Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy

Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

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Honors and Awards:  Max Jakob Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Science and Art of Heat and Mass Transfer- 2014, ASME 75th Anniversary Medal - 2013, ASME Worcester Reed Warner Medal - 2007, ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award - 2001, Council of Indian Organizations Award - 1999, AIAA Aerospace Professional of the Year Award - 1997, ASME Fellow - 1990, Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching - 1979, Reid Warren Award for Distinguished Teaching - 1978

Research Expertise: Biomechanics | Computational Mechanics | Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Ayyaswamy's research is in the area of mechanical engineering, with foci in modeling, simulations and experimentation of multi-phase flow/heat and mass transfer. His latest research activities are concerned with the motion of nanoparticles and associated transport, particularly in the context of targeted drug delivery. Over the years, Dr. Ayyaswamy has contributed to many diverse areas of heat transfer, mass transfer, and fluid mechanics. These include investigations of: finite sized bubble motion and the effects of surfactants in the context of gas embolism, forced convective effects on condensation, evaporation and combustion of moving drops and particles, the effect of electric fields on flames under normal and microgravity conditions, capillary flows related to heat pipes, and buoyancy driven flows. In the area of interconnection of electronic chips by wire bonding, he has investigated the melting of metals and alloys by low-energy plasma arc-discharges and subsequent solidification. In the area of die-bonding, he and his coworkers have established new results for the squeezing flow of yield stress fluids. In the area of microgravity fluid mechanics, mass transfer, and biotechnology, his lab has worked to determine the mechanisms responsible for changes in osteoblast behavior under simulated microgravity conditions by employing experimental and numerical-analytical methods. He has also made fundamental contributions to the understanding of buoyancy driven flows in enclosures.

PhD 1971 - University of California at Los Angeles
ME 1967 - Columbia University
MS 1965 - Columbia University
BE 1962 - University of Mysore

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