Dwight L. Jaggard

Dwight L. Jaggard

Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Honors and Awards:  Fellow of the IEEE - 1991, Fellow of the Optical Society of America - 1995, Christian F. and Mary R. Lindback Award - 1987, S. Reid Warren Jr. Award - 1985

Research Expertise: Electromagnetics | Optics | Leadership & Group Dynamics

Dwight's research centers around fractal electrodynamics, investigating ways in which multi-scale structures imprint their geometry on interrogating waves and the methods by which self-similarity can be used to design new classes of filters and radiators. Applications include the remote description of rough surfaces, scattering from and inverse scattering of fractal superlattices, and the synthesis of novel fractal antennas and arrays. In the area of electromagnetic chirality, he explores the design of new microwave, millimeter wave and optical devices. Hi lab examines theoretically and numerically new classes of chiral filters, radiators, shields and guiding structures. In the area of waves, topology, and symmetry, Dwight investigates the effect of topology and symmetry on wave scattering and propagation through the study of wave interactions with families of canonical knots and unknots. Dwight also investigates practical ways to enhance leadership, individual influence and group dynamics; and examines analytical and behavioral ways in which decisions.

PhD Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics 1976 (awarded in 1977) - California Institute of Technology
MS Electrical Engineering 1972 - University of Wisconsin at Madison
BS Electrical Engineering 1971 - University of Wisconsin at Madison

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