Mitchell P. Marcus

RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Computer and Information Science (CIS)

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Honors and Awards:  Fellow of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence - 1992

Research Expertise: Computational Linguistics | Cognitive Science | Artificial Intelligence

Mitch works at the intersection of linguistics and computer science, leveraging our understanding of the structure of language to develop new technologies which will automatically extract increasingly rich information from texts in languages in such languages as English, Arabic, and Chinese. He and his collaborators have developed statistical and symbolic methods for automatic acquisition of linguistic structure, and methodologies for annotation of linguistic structure in large text corpora. Specifically, Mitch and his group are working on corpora which are hand-annotated with linguistic structure for use world-wide as training materials for new machine learning algorithms.

Member of:

PhD Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 1978 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS - Harvard University

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