Milo M.K. Martin

Associate Professor
Computer and Information Science (CIS)

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Honors and Awards:  NSF CAREER Award - 2007, Gustavus Adolphus College First Decade Outstanding Achievement Award - 2006, Norm Koo Fellowship from Sun Microsystems - 2002-2003

Research Expertise: Architecture and Compilers

Milo researches hardware design and implementation techniques for creating faster, power-efficient, secure, and reliable multi-core computing systems that will form the foundation of next-generation web servers and mobile devices. He and his colleagues are exploring new hardware-assisted approaches for creating systems that correctly coordinate parallel activities, including cache coherence protocols, transactional memory, and hardware-aware verification of concurrent software. To improve reliability and security, Milo is developing hardware-assisted runtime monitoring systems which will ensure that common programming mistakes cannot silently corrupt data or cause security vulnerabilities.

PhD Computer Science 2003 - University of Wisconsin at Madison
MS Computer Science 1998 - University of Wisconsin at Madison
BA 1996 - Gustavus Adolphus College

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