Prashant K. Purohit

Prashant K. Purohit

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

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Honors and Awards:  NSF CAREER Award - 2010, ASEE Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnston Jr. Oustanding New Mechanics Educator Award - 2010

Research Expertise: Mechanics of Materials | Biomechanics | Computational Mechanics

Prashant conducts his research at the interface of mechanics, physics, and biology. Using the Kirchhoff theory of filaments, he is able to describe the behavior of DNA at small length scales, and analyze its implications on the life cycle of viruses and the switching on and off of genes. Prashant studies the effect of thermal fluctuations or entropy, and is also interested in applications of the mechanics of lipid membranes to cellular organelles and the mechanics of material interfaces in slender bodies to micro-scale propulsion.

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