Barry G. Silverman

Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Honors and Awards:  First place for Best AI/Pattern of Life in Federal Virual World Challenge at GameTech 2011, IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow, Washington Academy of Science Fellow, American Association for Artificial Intelligence Innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence Award - 1991

Research Expertise: Intelligent Software Agents | Computer Games | Computer Simulations

Barry researches systems engineering applied to socio-technical systems. Using descriptive rather than normative approaches, Barry merges best-of-breed models such as human physiology, stress, emotion, personality, and relations, as well as cultural, political, and economic factors, into a unified framework for agent-based simulations of health care, well-being and ethno-political situations around the world. Barry uses these models to simulate daily life and factional conflicts and drive role playing games and interactive dramas, with the goal of exposing the need for research in computational social science.

Member of:

Affiliations:  School of Nursing Graduate Group, Department of General Internal Medicine

PhD 1977 - University of Pennsylvania
MSE 1977 - University of Pennsylvania
BSE 1975 - University of Pennsylvania

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