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Penn Engineering News Archive

Headlines, Awards and Accomplishments from 2016

Andreas Haeberlan is quoted in Ruidoso News' "Fact check: Trump, Pence ‘acid wash’ facts on FBI's Clinton email probe"
September 9, 2016

Kenneth Foster is quoted in the Los Angeles Times' " No, Apple's new AirPods won't give you cancer, experts say"
September 9, 2016

Danny Cabrera and Ricky Solorzano discuss their 3-D printing startup 'Biobots' in MedCity News' "This is how 3-D bioprinting companies are transforming drug development"
September 9, 2016

Danielle Bassett is featured in Popular Science's "The Woman Who Reimagines How The Brain Works"
September 6, 2016

Katherine Kuchenbecker is featured in Philadelphia Magazine's "Welcome to Philly’s Robot Revolution"
September 5, 2016

Aleksandra Vojvodic is featured on MIT Technology Review's 2016 list of "35 Innovators Under 35"
August 31, 2016

Susan Davidson is featured in Communications ACM's "Why Data Citation is a Computational Problem"
August 26, 2016

Penn Engineering alum Bill Marczak is featured in the New York Times' "IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found"
August 26, 2016

Jason Burdick and Robert Mauck are featured in Heath Canal's "Altering Stem Cell Perception of Tissue Stiffness May Help Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders, According to Penn Bioengineering Study"
August 26, 2016

Dan Ueda and GRASP Lab are featured in Philly's "Why 10 District teachers spent their summer doing grad-level STEM research"
August 24, 2016

Nader Engheta is featured in the Huffington Post's "Nader Engheta: The Pinnacle of Interdisciplinary Research"
August 19, 2016

Katherine Kuchenbecker is featured in MIT Technology Review's "This Wristband Can Trace Your GPS Directions on Your Skin"
August 17, 2016

Alfred Muniz and Sade Oba, seniors in MEAM and winners of President’s Innovation Prize, are featured in Knowledge@Wharton podcast
August 16, 2016

Vukan Vuchic is featured in's "SEPTA: It’s a Long, Long Ride"
August 12, 2016

Rajeev Alur is featured in NSF's "Computer programming made easier"
August 12, 2016

Amanda Prorok, postdoctoral researcher in the GRASP Lab, is featured in Bloomberg's "The End of Traffic: How the Smartest People in the World Are Fixing Your Commute"
July 28, 2016

Dan Huh is featured in Gig Mag's "Placenta-on-a-chip models what is ‘arguably the least understood organ in the human body'"
July 28, 2016

David Cormode is featured in's "Research team uses nanoparticles to break up plaque and prevent cavities"
July 26, 2016

Penn Engineering alum Scott Snyder is featured in CityBizList's "Dr. Scott A. Snyder Appointed to Fulton Financial Corp. Board of Directors"
July 21, 2016

Penn Engineering alum Chevonae Walcott is highlighted in The Jamaica Gleaner's "Chevonae Breaking Glass Ceiling In Male-Dominated Field"
July 18, 2016

Dan Huh is featured in Penn Gazette's "The New Biology"
July 18, 2016

Danny Cabrera and Ricky Solorzano, of Biobots startup, are featured in Business Insider's "The Business Insider 100: The Creators - ranked 1 to 100"
July 18, 2016

Danielle Bassett is featured in IEEE Pulse's "Opening up the brain with network science"
July 18, 2016

July 12, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in Politco's "Cyber concerns at the conventions"
July 12, 2016

Vukan Vuchic is quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer's " Business - Transportation Some experts urge shorter, more frequent SEPTA trains"
July 11, 2016

Young India Fellowship program is spotlighted in Spicy Stars Mumbai's "Stay hungry, stay smart and make a difference"
July 5, 2016

Aaron Roth is featured in Marketplace's "Apple wants to know users better without knowing them"
June 21, 2016

Aaron Roth is featured in Wired's "Apple's 'Differential Privacy' Is About Collecting Your Data-But Not Your Data"
June 14, 2016

Engineering student startup "Keriton" is highlighted in The Philadelphia Inquirer's "What a Silicon Valley veteran Taught Penn Med"
June 13, 2016

The Penn Current's "Student Spotlight with Sona Dadhania" features the Materials Science and Engineering sophomore for her 2016 Science Ambassador Scholarship, funded by Cards Against Humanity
June 9, 2016

The Penn Engineering Research and Collaboration Hub (PERCH) is featured in the Penn Current's "Pennovation Center starting to hum with activity"
June 9, 2016

Penn Engineering alum Bill Marczak is featured in the New York Times' "Governments Turn to Commercial Spyware to Intimidate Dissidents"
June 2, 2016

Kenneth Foster is featured in Stat News' "What You Need to Know About the New Study on Cellphones and Cancer"
May 29, 2016

Michael Kearns is featured in KBET 790 Talk Now's "Quest for Robo-Yellen"
May 25, 2016

Research from Mark Yim's lab is featured in IEEE Spectrum's "Spiral Zipper Creates Robot Arm Out of a Strip of Plastic"
May 19, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in CNET's "Police camouflage surveillance truck as Google Maps van"
May 19, 2016

ENIAC is featured in Wireless Design and Development's "Tech Throwback: Army Signs Contract to Develop ENIAC 'Giant Brain'"
May 19, 2016

Jennifer Phillips-Cremins is featured in UPI's "DNA errors could make lab-made stem cells fail, scientists say"
May 11, 2016

MEAM alumni Ross Nickerson is featured in PhillyVoice's "Function Coffee Labs opens in Bella Vista with Philly's only 'coffee shot'"
May 11, 2016

David Alexander, graduate student in Bioengineering, is featured in Philly's "Here is the surprising winner of last week's UberPITCH event"
May 11, 2016

Research from Christopher Murray is featured in Nanotechnology Now's "Visualizing the Lithiation of a Nanosized Iron-Oxide Material in Real Time"
May 11, 2016

Jennifer Phillips-Cremins is featured in Breitbart's "DNA errors could make lab-made stem cells fail, scientists say"
May 11, 2016

Brian Litt is featured in Fierce Medical Devices' "DARPA-backed researchers create dissolvable electrodes for brain monitoring"
May 11, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in The Daily Dot's "Police captain pushing to limit encryption says crypto experts miss the point"
May 11, 2016

Katherine Kuchenbecker is featured in The New Yorker's "Feel Me"
May 11, 2016

Grad students Clementine Gilbert, Adriana Vazquez, Allie Looney and Sujay Suresh Receive iDesign Prize
May 4, 2016

Susan Margulies is featured in NeuroVive's "NeuroVive starts preclinical TBI program in collaboration with PENN"
April 26, 2016

Mark Allen is featured in IEEE's "Two IEEE Award Recipients Contributed to Life-Saving Biomedical Devices"
April 18, 2016

Cherie Kagan is featured in Physics World's "Nanocrystal inks used to build flexible transistors"
April 18, 2016

Research from Arjun Raj is featured in Penn Medicine's "Seeing Cell to Cell Differences for First Time Explains Symptoms of Rare Genetic Disorders"
April 15, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in The Verge's "Apple and the FBI will testify about encryption in another Congressional hearing next week"
April 15, 2016

Mark Allen is featured in Wireless Design Magazine, "Sensors Driving Next-Generation Wearables"
April 14, 2016

Research from Dennis Discher is featured in The Daily Mail's "Why IS cancer more common in certain parts of the body?"
April 14, 2016

Katherine Kuchenbecker is featured in's "The technology of touch: mini-motors enhance tactile world"
April 13, 2016

Sona Dadhania, freshman in Materials Science and Engineering, Receives the 2016 Science Ambassador Scholarship
April 11, 2016

Brian Chow, Andreas Haberlen and Graham Wabiszewski Receive 2016 Penn Engineering Teaching Awards
April 9, 2016

Daniel Koditschek and Ali Jadbabaie Named 2016 NSSEFF Winners
April 8, 2016

Kenneth Foster is quoted in APN News' "No evidence to link mobile tower emission to human health, say experts"
April 8, 2016

Research from Cherie Kagan and Chris Murray is featured in "Engineers develop first transistors made entirely of nanocrystal 'inks'"

April 8, 2016

Matt Blaze authors New York Times op-ed, "Constantly Bolstering Computer Security Is Vital"

April 8, 2016

Research from the GRASP Lab is featured in Quartz's "The future of hostage rescue could be this little robot"

April 6, 2016

Darius Adamczykk, CBE doctoral alumnus, named president and COO of Honeywell
April 6, 2016

Matt Blaze is quoted in The Washington Post's "Why the fight between Apple and the FBI is just getting started"

March 30, 2016

Research from Chris Murray is featured in "Researchers move one step closer to sustainable hydrogen production"

March 30, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in The Daily Herald's "Why the government can't actually stop terrorists from using encryption"

March 21, 2016

Daniel Koditschek's Kod*lab is featured IEEE "Video Friday: What Happens in Kod*lab?"
March 16, 2016

Trisha Kothari (CSCI '14), is featured in Business Insider's "26 of the most powerful women engineers in 2016"

March 15, 2016

Lou Soslowsky Receives Orthopedic Research Society Distinguished Mentor Award
March 10, 2016

David Issadore Receives 2015 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award
March 9, 2016

Portonovo Ayyaswamy Named Editor of ASME Journal of Heat Transfer
March 9, 2016

LeAnn Dourte Receives ASEE Biomedical Engineering Teaching Award
March 9, 2016

Emily Zhang, senior in Bioengineering, is featured in "University of Pennsylvania Announces 2016 Thouron Award Winners"

March 4, 2016

Nadia Heninger is quoted in BBC's "'Thousands of popular sites' at risk of Drown hack attacks"
March 2, 2016

Nadia Heninger is quoted in The Guardian's "Drown attack: how weakened encryption jeopardizes 'secure' sites"
March 2, 2016

Rahul Mangharam and Aaron Roth Receive PECASE Awards
March 1, 2016

Daniel Lee Elected AAAI Fellow
February 26, 2016

Danielle Bassett, David Issadore and Lee Bassett Recieve 2016 NSF Career Awards
February 25, 2016

David Issadore Receives IEEE Philadelphia Section Young Engineer of the Year AwardFebruary 24, 2016

Karen Winey Named American Chemical Society PMSE Fellow
February 24, 2016

Matt Blaze is featured in Newsweek's "How the Sides Line Up In the Apple Encryption Fight"
February 19, 2016

ENIAC is celebrated in CityBizList's "10 Facts And A 1991 Video To Celebrate The 70th Birthday Of The ENIAC"
February 16, 2016

2015-16 Y-Prize Winners featured in Philadelphia Inquirer's "New fermentation process helps Penn students brew future"
February 16, 2016

Nader Engheta Receives Honorary Doctorate from Aalto University
February 11, 2016

ENIAC is celebrated in the Philly Voice's "70 years ago, six Philly women became the world's first digital computer programmers"
February 11, 2016

Rob Ghrist is featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian's "Penn Professor Robert Ghrist hopes to make math fun"
February 4, 2016

Daniel Koditschek Receives 2016 IEEE RAS Pioneer Award
February 2, 2016

[Video] Dawn Bonnell is featured in NSF series focusing on nanotechnology
January 27, 2016

RAMEAR wins thirteenth PennApps
January 25, 2016

Robert Ghrist is featured in Philly Voice's "Penn professor, leader in topology, changing the face of math education"
January 7, 2016

I-Wei Chen is quoted in Power Systems Design's "Energy breakthrough offers EV power without the wait"
January 5, 2016


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