Digital Media Design (DMD)

When I came to Penn I didn’t box myself in by saying “I’m going to be a chemical engineer and solve the water crisis.” Instead, it was, “I am Morgan, let’s see who inspires me here, who I meet, and what I can do.” If you stay open to experience, it can be telling; and it helps to surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Student Story

Fast Facts

  • 1899 Undergraduates.

    In 10 BSE majors and 5 BAS majors.

  • 24% of Students

    Enrolled in dual-degree programs.

  • 42% Women

    entering in the current class.

  • 16:1 Student/Faculty Ratio

    Full-time faculty teach all core courses.

  • 120 Current Faculty

  • 435 Places

    in Entering Freshman Class With 20.2 applicants per place.

  • 32 Clubs and Organizations

    For engineering students