Undergraduate Student Handbook

Writing Requirement

Beginning with the Class of 2001, Penn Engineering has implemented a Writing Requirement. The Writing Requirement will not necessitate the completion of additional course units. Students can easily satisfy the requirement without altering the existing constraints of BAS or the BSE degrees.

Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the Writing Requirement during the first two years of study because it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule first-year courses as one moves through the curriculum.

The Writing Requirement differs somewhat between each of the four undergraduate schools at Penn. For Penn Engineering students, the requirement can be satisfied in one of the following ways:

1. Any of the English Writing Seminars 1-9, 12 or 125, satisfies the requirement. English 11 (Writing for International Students) may be used by international students for whom English is truly a second language. Engl 013 may be used by students who have transferred from another institution and who received Engl 013 transfer credit. Any of these courses may be used to satisfy a humanities requirement in the SSH category of either the BAS or BSE degree. (Note that English 10, Creative Writing, does not satisfy the Penn Engineering Writing Requirement, but may be taken as an SSH elective.)

2. Any WRIT course. The WRIT courses are categorized as either humanities, or social science, or free elective depending on the department in which they are taught.

3. Writing Seminars are offered by the English Department as well as many other departments in Artsand Sciences. In addition, Penn Engineering offers EAS 009: Writing About Science and Engineering.

Note: Students may not use A.P. credit to satisfy the writing requirement. Courses used to satisfy the writing requirement may be taken pass/fail. "Writing About" course descriptions and information about WATU and the Mellon Writing Group are available on-line at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/writing/. To go directly to information about the courses, please click http://writing.upenn.edu/critical/courses.html.

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