Rachleff Scholars Program

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is pleased to announce the Rachleff Scholars Program. The Program offers Penn Engineering undergraduates the opportunity to gain valuable research experiences with standing faculty and to participate in a community of peers who share a common interest in research and scholarly inquiry.

Rachleff Scholars Program offers valuable research experiences with faculty

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Rachleff Scholars: Sophomore Application

The Rachleff Scholars Program is open to rising sophomores with at least a 3.4 Cumulative GPA and strong interests in engineering research. The Program is very selective and there are only a few openings for sophomores. If you are interested in applying for the Rachleff Scholars Program, please click on the button and complete the application. The deadline to apply is June 15, 2018.

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A Three-Dimensional Experience

Each student accepted into the Rachleff Program is required to complete work in three separate areas:

Summer Research Experience: Rachleff Scholars will participate in a 10 week paid Summer Research Experience, typically after completing the sophomore year. The research will be conducted under the supervision and mentorship of a standing Penn faculty member. Students will also participate in credit-bearing seminar courses in the semesters prior to and immediately following their Summer Research Experience.

Honors Coursework: As part of the undergraduate degree requirements, Rachleff Scholars will complete two course units of Honors Coursework. These courses could be designated honors courses or graduate-level courses. One of these courses may be substituted with an independent study with the approval of the Rachleff Scholars Program Director. The selection of appropriate coursework will be made in consultation with your Rachleff Scholars Program Faculty Advisor.

Scholarly Community Activities: In addition to the above academic pursuits, Rachleff Scholars will have the opportunity to interact with their peers outside the classroom and laboratory through community-building activities that will enable them to gain broader skills and knowledge. Examples of Scholarly Community Activities include site visits to industries and research institutes, community outreach projects, and social functions.

For more information, visit the Rachleff Scholar Society website. If you have any questions regarding the Rachleff Scholars Program, please contact: rachapps@seas.upenn.edu

Program Director:  Dr. Daeyeon Lee, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Academic Advisor:  Michaile E. Rainey