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Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy

Asa Whitney Professor of Dynamical Engineering

Phone: 215.898.8362
Office: 231 Towne Building




Ph.D. (1971) University of California, Los Angeles
Thesis Title: "Natural Convection Flows in Tilted Configurations"
Advisor: Professor Ivan Catton

M.E. (1967) Columbia University, New York
Thesis Title: "A Step by Step Design for Helical Tube Multi-Start Coil Heat Transfer Equipment: Entering Tube Side Fluid in the Super Critical Region or Otherwise"
Advisor: Professor Harold G. Elrod., Jr.

M.S. (1965) Columbia University, New York

B.E. (1962) University of Mysore


MEAM 570. Transport Processes I.  Co/Prerequisite(s): ENM 510 or equivalent, ENM 511 (recommended) or equivalent.
Transport coefficients, Molecular Interpretation of Transport coefficients, Detailed derivations of Conservation Equations for mass, species, momentum and energy, Conduction and Diffusion problems; Finite Fourier Transform Method, Laplace Transforms, Green's function technique; Unidirectional and nearly unidirectional flow and transport; Creeping flow and transport; Laminar flow at High Reynolds number and Transport: Confined flows, unconfined flows; Buoyancy-driven flow: Rayleigh-Benard problem, vertical flat plate problem; Introduction to turbulent flow and transfer.

ENM 251. Analytical Methods for Engineering.  Prerequisite(s): MATH 240 or equivalent along with sophomore standing in SEAS, or permission of instructor(s).

This course introduces students to physical models and mathematical methods that are widely encountered in various branches of engineering. Illustrative examples are used to motivate mathematical topics including ordinary and partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, eigenvalue problems, and stability analysis. Analytical techniques that yield exact solutions to problems are developed when possible, but in many cases, numerical calculations are employed using programs such as Matlab and Maple. Students will learn the importance of mathematics in engineering.

ENM 511. Engineering Mathematics II. (B) Prerequisite(s): ENM 510 or equivalent.

Vector Analysis:  space curves, Frenet – Serret formulae, vector theorems, reciprocal systems, co and contra variant components, orthogonal curvilinear systems. Matrix theory: Gauss-Jordan elimination, eigen values and eigen vectors, quadratic and canonical forms, vector spaces,  linear independence, Triangle and Schwarz inequalities, n-tuple space.Variational calculus: Euler-Lagrange equation, Finite elements, Weak formulation , Galerkin technique, FEMLAB. Tensors: Einstein summation, tensors of arbitrary order, dyads and polyads, outer and inner products, quotient law, metric tensor, Euclidean and Riemannian spaces, physical components, covariant differentiation, detailed evaluation of Christoffel symbols, Ricci’s theorem, intrinsic differentiation, generalized acceleration, Geodesics.



Asa Whitney Professor of Dynamical Engineering 1996-Present
Professor 1987-Present
Chairman, Graduate Group Affairs, 1990-1996
Chairman, Undergraduate Affairs, 1984-1986


  • Targeted Drug Delivery: Multiple Scale Modelling
  • Arterial Gas Embolism: Modeling and Experimentation
  • Phase Change Transport Phenomena
  • Numerical Modelling of Non-Newtonian and Multi-Phase Fluid Flows
  • Plasma Arc Heat Transfer
  • Cell Culturing in Simulated Microgravity Conditions


BOOKS: (See full CV for detailed listing)

"Transport Phenomena with Drops and Bubbles" (with S.S. Sadhal and J.N. Chung), Springer-Verlag, Inc., NY (1997).

"Introduction to Biofluid Mechanics," Chapter 17 in Fluid Mechanics, P.K. Kundu and I.M. Cohen, Academic Press, MA, (2007).

PAPERS: (See full CV for detailed listing)

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“Ground based Studies with a Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) for Spacecraft Thermal Control:  Part I:  Vacuum Chamber Tests” (with M. Parker and B. Drolen), J. Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 18, (4), 417-429 (2004).


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