Prof. Norman Badler <>

Adam Mally <>

Fall 2015 Tentative Course Schedule (Last Update: August 19, 2015 )
Levine 101 Wu & Chen Auditorium
Teaching Assistants:

Stefanie Alfonso

Aayush Gupta

Rebecca Hallac

Ratchpak (Dome) Pongmongkol

Debanshu Singh


Aug. 31 2D and 3D geometry and transformations. Homogeneous coordinates. Polygons. Scene graphs.

Sep. 2 Qt. Polygon algorithms.

Sep. 9 3D surface modeling

Sep. 14 Local illumination, image synthesis and shading

Sep. 16 OpenGL, VBO, and Shaders

Sep. 21 Ray-tracing.

Sep. 23 Transmittance, reflection and refraction.

Sep. 28 Acceleration structures, Octrees, k-D trees, Binary space partitioning.

Sep. 30 Anti-aliasing and sampling.

Oct. 5 Global illumination via finite elements.

Oct. 7 Monte Carlo sampling

Oct. 12 Global illumination.

Oct. 14 Monte Carlo path tracing

Oct. 19 Monte Carlo path tracing

Oct. 21 Mapping.

Oct. 26 High dynamic range images; tone mapping

Oct. 28 Light fields. Spectral representation

Nov. 2 Bidirectional path tracing

Nov. 4 Photon mapping

Nov. 9 3D volume modeling and rendering, participating media.

Nov. 11 Material appearance, BRDF and BSSDF

Nov. 16 Contouring and marching cubes.

Nov. 18 Other visible surface algorithms.

Nov. 23 Deferred shading

Nov. 25 Computer Graphics examples. (15 years of SIGGRAPH Video Review)

Nov. 30 Deformation

Dec. 2 TBD

Dec. 7 Futures.

Final Exam -- Open book, open notes: TBD