A family relative now in her 90's was married three times. I was curious about where the last husband was buried as there was a rumor that there might be an open plot (for her eventual burial). I knew he was from upstate New York and believed they lived there together for a time. After some easy Google-ing I found that there were many websites with listings of cemeteries and their grave markers for the general area. Many of these cemeteries are small, almost family plots, so this was a big help.  Unfortunately, however, many of the listings only included last names rather than complete particulars. Since I did know his last name, Alger, I could at least establish whether or not any possible candidate grave markers existed. Sure enough, one search turned up an "Alger" in a cemetery -- and it was exactly on my route that I used in the five hour drive from Pennsylvania to her house while we were preparing it for sale. I stopped at the cemetery on my next trip but was disheartened to find that it was fairly large, at least an acre, and almost full of grave markers. It was going to be a slow search to check each one and I had little spare time due to travel constraints.  I drove to the building in the back of the cemetery and parked, hoping to find a groundskeeper or at least a map, but it was too small for there to be an on-site attendant -- just a phone number -- and there was no visible map. I tried the phone number but no one answered. Pressed for time and unable to justify a sequential examination of all the grave markers, I got back into my car to continue on my way and try the phone number another time. As I looked out my side window the inscription centered in my window on the obelisk right beside me caught my eye: "Alger"! Search over; it was someone of the wrong gender and era. Later on I found out that Alger was cremated in Florida.