My involvement with NASA projects led to an invitation to be on an NRC Panel to study the topic of "Human Support in Space". The panel consisted of four rather distinct subgroups. I was on the Space Human Factors panel. We had a few meetings around the country at NASA sites, but the final meeting of all the various subgroups together happened in --- Massachusetts. At the airport I ran into a panelist from another subgroup, Betsy, and she offered to drive me to the meeting site saving me a car rental. As we were talking about our respective interests, I mentioned that I was involved in human simulations. She told me that her father was the president of "Paradigm Simulation," a major player in the military simulation world. I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out my pen to show her a surprising coincidence. Normally I take a generic black pen along, but this time in my rush to get out of the office I had grabbed a different one, a corporate give-away from Paradigm Simulation.