Barry G. Silverman, Ph.D.

 1975           BSE University of Pennsylvania
 1977           MSE University of Pennsylvania
 1977           Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

1998-           Professor, Systems Engineering Department
                    Professor, Computer and Information Science Dept.
                    Professor, Wharton/Operations and Information Management
                    Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
                    Director, Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approaches (ACASA)
                    Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics
                    Co-Director, Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Medical Informatics,
                             University of Pennsylvania VA Medical Center
                    Core Faculty Member, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
                    Core Faculty Member, Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

 1978-1998     Professor, Engineering Management Dept
 1983-1998     Director, Institute for Artificial Intelligence
 1994-1998     Joint Professor of Computer Medicine, School of Medical and Health Sciences

1975-77         Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania
1992              Visiting Scholar, Decision Science Dept., London Business School
                      Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Advanced Computation Lab, Imperial Cancer Research Fund
1997-98         Visiting Professor, Division of Clinical Computing, Harvard Medical School
                            (Computer Science Training Director of NLM Informatics Fellows)
                      Visiting Professor, Whitaker College of Health Science & Technology, MIT
1978-             Numerous Consulting Appointments in Industry & Government



Associate Editor, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (1992-2006)
Program Committee Member, Conf on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (BRIMS, formerly CGF)
Board Member, International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems (2003 – present)
Associate Editor, Intelligent Decision Systems (2006-present)


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