Contributed Ports

A number of people have offered to maintain pre-built executables, easy installation scripts, etc., for particular architectures. They are not maintained by us and are not guaranteed to work, be kept up to date with our latest releases, etc., but you may find them useful. Here's what we know about at the moment:

Pre-compiled binaries:
  • Solaris: Peter Theobald builds Unison for Solaris. The binary can be found here (it is interpreted byte-code so it should work on any Solaris-like system and possibly on any system with an OCaml interpreter).
  • HP/UX: Philipp Neuner has built Unison 2.13 for HP/UX. The binary can be found here.
  • OS X and Linux: Shuly Wintner has compiled two versions of the text UI, for Linux (Red Hat 9) and Mac OS X
    (10.3.8), as well as a Mac native GUI version. They are available from .
  • Irix: Chris Cocosco provides binaries for Unison under SGI IRIX (6.5). They can be found in
  • OSF1: Andrew Schulman and Jerome Vouillon have built Unison for OSF1. Some precompiled binaries and instructions for making more yourself can be found at
Other resources:

If you would like to provide pre-compiled binaries for an architecture not listed here, please send mail too the unison-hackers list and we can add you to this page.