CIS 700/005, Spring 2007: Project Guidelines

The primary goal I have for this course is to introduce students to research opportunities at the boundaries of networking and databases, with the intention of generating new research ideas. The class project gives us an opportunity to explore these new ideas together. There are two options for the class project:

In either options, the outcome of the project is a 6 page final report that should be structured like a workshop paper, with a short abstract, introduction, body, related work, and conclusion.

Project Milestones

The grade breakdown and timelines are as follows:

Deliverables Due Description
Project proposal (10%) Feb 12 Format: Up-to 1 page in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced.

Research project option:

  • The description of the problem you are trying to solve.
  • The approach you plan to take to solve the problem.
  • A sketch of how you plan to evaluate your solution.
  • A list of at least two papers related to your problem.
  • Your proposed timeline and deliverables.

    Survey paper option:

  • The set of papers that you intend to survey.
  • The goals of your survey (e.g. what aspects of these papers are you comparing?)
  • Status Report (20%) Mar 23 Format: Up-to 2 pages in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced.

    Research project option:

  • The problem being solved.
  • The specific approach taken.
  • Description of related work.
  • Description of things accomplished so far.
  • The timeline and deliverables for the rest of the semester.

    Survey paper option: Your report should include a two page outline of your survey.

  • In-class presentation (25%) 19 Apr 15 minutes presentation including Q&A.
    Project report (45%) Apr 25 Format: Up-to 6 pages in length, 2-columns, 10pt font, single-spaced.