Professional Information

I am an assistant professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I joined the CIS department in June 2017. I am a faculty in Penn's SIG Center for Computer Graphics, faculty affiliate at the General Robotics, Automation, Sensing & Perception (GRASP) lab, the Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS), and the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (AMCS). My PhD (2010-2015) and postdoc (2015-2017) experience was under the co-supervision of Demetri Terzopoulos and Joseph Teran. I am a recipient of the UCLA Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student Award (2015), NSF CRII award (2018) and NSF CAREER award (2020).

Current research focus: With the central theme being physics-based modeling and simulation, we perform research on numerical optimization, numerical methods for PDEs, continuum mechanics, high performance computing, and machine learning. We target at applications in computer graphics (focusing on animation and VFX), computational physics (solid and fluid mechanics), computer vision (physics-informed scene understanding) and computational design of robots and other smart structures.

Material Point Method (MPM) resources: Papers in graphics (up to 2020/03), SIGGRAPH courses

We presented 6 papers at SIGGRAPH 2020. We published 18 papers on physics-based simulation in SIGGRAPH/SIGGRAPH-Asia/TOG from 2017-2020.

Events: I host the SIG Center for Computer Graphics Colloquium Series with research/industry talks and Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS) Workshop Series with educational sessions.

Research Group

Previous Members (click to show)
  • Ming Gao (Postdoc 2018-2019, -> Research Scientist at Tencent IEG)
  • Andre Pradhana (Postdoc 2017-2018, -> Software Engineer at Dreamworks)
  • PhD students:
  • Minchen Li (PhD Penn CIS, 2018-2020, -> Postdoctoral Scholar). Dissertation: Robust and Accurate Simulation of Elastodynamics and Contact (Defended 2020/11/16).
  • Master students:
  • Bowen Yang (CGGT MS 2018-2019, -> Software Engineer at Apple)
  • Yue Li (CGGT MS 2018-2020, -> PhD student at ETH Zürich)
  • Visitors:
  • Xinlei Wang (Visiting PhD student 2018-2020 from Zhejiang University)
  • Yupeng Jiang (Visiting PhD student 2018-2019 from University of Sydney, -> Postdoc at the University of Hong Kong)
  • Yuxing Qiu (Visiting PhD student 2019-2020 from University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Xuan Li (Visiting PhD student 2019-2020 from Stony Brook University, New York -> my formal PhD student)
  • Undergraduate students:
  • Jacky Lu (2018-2020)
  • Meggie Cheng (2019-2020)
The Previous Members list above include members who have actively worked with me in my lab for more than 6 months. More short-term students and visitors are listed in my CV.
For prospective students (click to show)

I'm looking for students/visitors with the following skills and/or experience:

  • Scientific Computing, numerical simulation, high-performance computing (GPU, cloud), machine learning.
  • C++, Python, the Taichi Programming Language (, Tensorflow/PyTorch.
  • If applicable, finish the following two free online courses (1) by Lingqi Yan from UCSB ( and (2) by Yuanming Hu from MIT (