Research Projects (click to expand)

Physics-based Animation in Computer Graphics

Material Point Method (MPM) simulations for animating versatile physical materials and phenomena

Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations for frictional contact and topology change

Optimization-based numerical time integrators and efficient nonlinear solvers

Reducing dissipation in fluid simulation

Large-Scale Simulation on Modern Architecture

Computational Physics and Mechanics


Glacier calving and tsunami

Granular media

Numerical Methods

Stability and conservation for MPM

Machine Learning

High order Neural Network training

Computational Methods for Inverse Design

Topology optimization for structrual compliance

Designing soft Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV)

Physical Simulations for Computer Vision and Robotics

Physics-based scene understanding

Simulations for robot manipulation

Physical Simulations for Medicine and Biomechanics

Virtual injury

Physical Simulations for Cognitive Science

Human perception of fluids and granular media