ANTH 258 / CIS 109: Visualizing the Past
University of Pennsylvania
Fall 2009

Some Anthropology Websites and Articles

Nov 30, 2009 by Clark Erickson

Inca Reconstruction Using Shape Grammar Published in 2009 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques SIGGRAPH '09

Sept 25, 2009 by Clark Erickson

Life at Tiwanaku This site has the work of two students who did modeling with Sketch Up for CIS 106 in 2005

Sept 18, 2009 by Clark Erickson

The Upper Nodena Site and the Virtual Hampson Museum. "The 'Nodena Village FAQ' is the most interesting part of the website where one learns of the trials and tribulations, decisions made, and leaps of faith in producing the models.

Sept 17, 2009 by Norm Badler

Article list from 2004 course More or less general Archaeology and Cultural Heritage articles in Computer Graphics