This schedule is tentative and likely to be revised.

Date Topic Slides Code Reading
Week 1 Videos
Introductions, Program Design    
Value-Oriented Programming
Week 2 Videos
No Class: MLK Day
Functions, Lists and Recursion - (Dr. Weirich lectures)
Lists, Tuples, Nested Patterns - (Dr. Weirich lectures)  
Week 3 Videos
Datatypes and Trees    
Tue 1/24
Trees and Binary Search  
BST Insert & Delete    
Week 4 Videos
Generics and Higher-order Functions
Tue 1/31
Higher-order Functions: Transform and Fold  
Abstract Types: Sets  
Week 5 Videos
Abstract Types: Finite Maps  
Tue 2/7
Midterm 1 Prior exams:
Week 6 Videos
Options, Unit, Commands / Records / Mutable State Aliasing
Mutable Data Structures, Abstract Stack Machine
Mutable Queues
Week 7 Videos
Iteration and Tail Recursion
Tue 2/21
Closures and Objects
GUI Design: Gctx and Widgets
Week 8 Videos
GUI Design: Widgets, Layout, and Events
GUI Design: Events, Notifiers, and Controllers
Bonus Lecture: Code _is_ data
No Class: Spring Break
No Class: Spring Break
No Class: Spring Break
Week 9 Videos
Transition to Java
Tue 3/14
Java Basics: Classes, Interfaces
Static Methods, Java Arrays
Week 10 Videos
Java ASM, Subtyping
Tue 3/21
Subtyping and Extension
Midterm 2 Prior exams:
19sp (recommended):      
19fa (recommended):      
18sp (recommended):      
18fa (recommended):      
Week 11 Videos
Java ASM, Dynamic Dispatch, Generic Types
Generic Types and Collections
Overriding, Equality
Week 12 Videos
Enums, Iteration
Tue 4/4
Java I/O
Week 13 Videos
I/O: Histogram Demo
Tue 4/11
Swing I: Drawing and Event Handling
Swing II: Inner Classes, Layout, Reimplementing Paint
Week 14 Videos
Swing III: MoD, Adapters, Design Patterns
Tue 4/18
Swing IV: Reimplementing Paint / Design Patterns / Lambdas / Streams
Guest Lecture
Week 15 Videos
Advanced Java: Concurrency, Hashing, Memory Management
Semester Recap
Wed 4/26
TBD Final Exam Prior exams: