Office Hours

TA Office Hours Schedule

Monday 8-10 PM
Tuesday 6-8 PM
Wednesday 8-10 AM, 4-8 PM
Thursday 8-10 AM, 4 PM - 12 AM
Friday 4-10 PM
Saturday 6-8 PM
Sunday No

Professor Office Hours Schedule

Professor Fouh: Wed, 3-5 PM, Zoom

Online Office Hours Queue

Office hours are often busy throughout the semester. To help manage our office hours, CIS 120 uses an online office hours queue system called OHQ. The system allows you to log in with your Penn email account and provide a short description of what you'd like to discuss.

To enter an office hours queue, click here. If you are unable to access the CIS 120 queues, please make a private post on Ed with your Penn email address. Please note that you cannot enter a queue unless it is open, and the queues will open at the start of each office hours block. TAs may close the queue early if the queue is full, but they will continue holding office hours until the end of their scheduled time.

Office Hours Calendar

The course staff (instructors and TAs) are available for assistance during scheduled office hours listed in the calendar below. Please drop by, even if you don't have a specific question. You may also contact the instructor for an individual appointment if you would like to discuss anything privately. We expect you to contact us, especially if you are experiencing difficulty in the course. We are here to help!