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Date Topic Slides Code Reading
Introductions, Program Design, Value Oriented Programming
Lists and Pattern Matching
Tuples, Nested Patterns, Datatypes and Trees
Sun 5/31
Trees and Binary Search, BST Insert & Delete
Generics and Higher-order Functions: Transform and Fold
Abstract Types: Sets, Finite Maps
Typechecking / Options
Fri 6/5
Programming with Mutable Data Structures, Abstract Stack Machine, Reference Equality
Mutable Queues, Iteration and Tail Recursion
Closures and Objects
Transition to Java, Java Basics: Classes, Interfaces
Fri 6/12
Mon 6/15 Midterm 1
Java Static Methods and Arrays, ResArray Demo
Java ASM and objects
Subtyping & Dynamic Dispatch, Generic Types, Collections, Overriding, Equality
Collections, Overriding, Equality
Fri 6/19
Enums, Iteration
Histogram Demo
Fri 6/26
Semester Recap
Wed 7/1
Wed 7/1 Midterm 2