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Gradescope Help

Gradescope can sometimes not provide useful compilation messages when it fails to execute. Here are some things to check, which came up a lot in previous semesters.

Note: You are responsible for ensuring your submission goes through before the deadline. We encourage everyone to submit early to avoid/resolve any issues. The TAs will do their best to respond to last minute compilation issues on Piazza, but cannot make any promises.

Autograder Failures/Error Messages Upon Submission:

The autograder failed to execute correctly. Please ensure that your submission is valid. Contact your course staff for help in debugging this issue. Make sure to include a link to this page so that they can help you most effectively.

Getting this message upon submission? Please check the following before posting on Piazza or going to office hours for help:

  1. Did you submit ALL the required files listed at the “Files to Submit” section of the assignment? This includes checking that you submitted .java files and not .class files. Please do not submit extra files.

  2. Check the files you submitted to Gradescope. Do the names of the files appear as folder/ If so, please drag the files individually so that they appear only as Do not submit a zip of files contained inside a folder.

  3. Are you in the default package? That means checking the top of all files to make sure there is no statement like package src;. Remove all these statements and resubmit.

  4. Are you getting a Jacoco Error? This means you are failing one of your own test cases, or one of your test cases is running in an infinite loop. Try fixing the test case you are failing, and if you can’t fix it by the deadline then just remove it and resubmit.

  5. Do you have print statements? Make sure to delete these before submitting, especially if they are inside of a loop.

  6. Did you accidentally modify any of our class or method headers? Undo those changes and resubmit.

  7. Do your files compile locally? Files that don’t compile locally will most definitely not compile on Gradescope. Worth double-checking :)

  8. Tried all the above and nothing worked? Please post your submission URL on Piazza as a private post, and a TA will get back to you. Alternatively, you can come to office hours for help.

Gradescope is down and I cannot submit

Gradescope, like most other websites, occasionally goes down for maintenance or system updates. During this time, you will see a message on their home page. Please wait a couple minutes (or however long it says to wait), and try again.

If the issue persists and is preventing you from submitting by the deadline, please alert the course staff by posting to Piazza. We will extend the homework deadline if necessary.