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Written homeworks must include our cover sheet with the requisite information filled out in order for them to be graded. Written homeworks must be typeset in LaTeX, and they must be submitted online through Gradescope. Programming homeworks will be submitted through Gradescope as well.

We have a LaTeX homework template, which we will require you to use:

Note: The homework schedule below is subject to change.

Important Note:

The schedule below is very tentative. It will be mostly finalized by August 27, but will be subject to slight modifications throughout the semester.

# Name Type Release Date Due Date
hw0 Introduction and Environment Setup
Java Warm-up & Intro to CIS 121
programming Tue, Aug 27 Mon, Sep 2 by 11:59 PM
hw1 CIS 160 Review, GCD, Intro to Algorithms written + programming Tue, Sep 3 Mon, Sep 9 by 11:59 PM
hw2 Analysis of Algorithms written + programming Tue, Sep 10 Mon, Sep 16 by 11:59 PM
hw3 Sorting, Divide & Conquer (no late days) written + programming Tue, Sep 17 Sun, Sep 22 by 11:59 PM
Midterm 1 (Thu, Sept. 26)
hw4 QuadTree Compression programming Thu, Sep 26 Wed, Oct 2 by 11:59 PM
hw5 Heaps & Huffman programming Thu, Oct 3 Sun, Oct 13 by 11:59 PM
Fall Break (Thu, Oct. 10 – Sun, Oct. 13)
hw6M Graph Algorithms - Programming (milestone) programming Tue, Oct 15 Mon, Oct 21 by 11:59 PM
hw7 Graph Algorithms written + programming Tue, Oct 22 Mon, Oct 28 by 11:59 PM
hw6F Graph Algorithms - Programming (final) programming Tue, Oct 29 Thu, Nov 7 by 11:59 PM
Midterm 2 (Tue, Nov. 12)
hw8 Hashing & Tries programming Thu, Nov 14 Mon, Nov 25 by 11:59 PM
hw9 Hashing, Trees, & Tries written + programming Tue, Nov 26 Thu, Dec 5 by 11:59 PM
Thanksgiving Break (Thu, Nov 28 – Sun, Dec 1)