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Recitations are held weekly unless otherwise specified. Recitation attendance is mandatory and will count towards your final grade.

Recitation guides will be posted on Tuesday, after all of the recitations have been held for the week.

Aside from one-off occasions, you must attend the recitation that you have registered for. Your attendance will not be counted if you attend another recitation.

If you must miss recitation for a one-time event, you can attend another recitation section to make up for your attendance. In this case, you should email your recitation instructor and the instructor whose recitation you wish to attend instead. This should be done before either of the recitations occurs.

Week of Name Materials Solutions
-- Optional Review Material
Jan 27 Asymptotic Notation Solutions
Feb 03 Recurrence Relations & Code Snippets Solutions
Feb 10 Divide & Conquer Solutions
Feb 17 Stacks, Queues & Heaps Solutions
Feb 24 Huffman & Intro to Graphs Solutions
Mar 02 Graph Traversals: BFS & DFS Solutions
Mar 23 Topological Sort and SCCs Solutions
Mar 30 Dijkstra's and Minimum Spanning Trees Solutions
Apr 06 Shortest Path in a DAG and Union Find Solutions