"I saw 'cout' being shifted 'Hello World!' times to the left and stopped right there." -- Anonymous
I will teach you how to use modern (C++17), idiomatic C++ in this course, making heavy use of the standard libraries.

Please use the CIS waitlist to enroll for the course.


Please speak with the instructor if you don't meet these requirement or have any other questions.



Lecture # Date Lecture Homework
1 Aug 29 Advanced hello world
2 Sept 5 Advanceder hello world
Sept 10 Course selection period ends
3 Sept 12 Advanceder hello world
4 Sept 19 Advanceder hello world
5 Sept 26
6 Oct 3
Oct 7 Drop period ends
Oct 10-13 Fall term break - NO CLASS
7 Oct 17
Oct 25 Grade type change deadline
Nov 4 Last day to withdraw from a course
? Nov 26 Class on Tuesday


We will be using Piazza for both Q&A and announcements. Please sign up by clicking here. Posting on Piazza is highly preferred over sending the instructor or TAs direct emails.

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